"James and I have a lot in common. He's an independent thinker... it shows in his speech because when you're congruent you have fluency and when you can articulate fluently the vision you have, as James does, you know you've got clarity of vision."

Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavioral Specialist - DrDemartini.com

"James has helped remind me to not let my fears stop me from building relationships with new people who are in alignment with my next major goals. Typically, my mind would go into free-fall when I start overthinking and doubting why these multi-millionaires would want to speak with me. But James' back-story and way of looking at things has really reminded me to just reach out. He gave me ideas I had not even thought about trying with my business, and helped identify an opportunity to level-up my positioning by leveraging an existing relationship and by saying 'Yes' to myself more often. Thanks James!"

Leanne Sheargold, Spirituality Business Coach - MySacredContract.com

"Hearing James' story alone was eye opening and inspiring for me. I think it was fate that James and I connected, because I have been trying to figure out the best way to leverage technology to spread truth and goodness in a way that blows people's minds and helps to transform their lives in a positive way. James was seriously the perfect person to talk to! He has helped fill so many holes in my understanding of spiritual principles backed by credible science and I am grateful he didn't mind me challenging and questioning his explanations in order to solidify my own understanding. He encouraged it, in fact. I have invited James to be part of my top level team in helping move my new project forward."

Alan Becker, YouTube Animator, 12 Million Subscribers - AlanBecker.net

"People usually ask me to read their faces not the other way around, but James asked if I would like to receive a reading as a gift which just reinforces to me the beauty of his spiritual perspective. As a facial intelligence expert who helps entrepreneurs become more successful in their businesses by reading faces, I can say that James' interpretation was great! He was very accurate and described things in a different way than I usually would but pretty much reached the same conclusions. I'm so grateful for this gift today which has confirmed for me from a unique perspective what we both see. Thank you James."

Michelle Butt, Facial Intelligence Expert - MichelleButt.com

"I've worked with clients including Deepak Chopra, Sharon Lechter and Les Brown and can confidently say that if you're considering hiring James to help you I'm positive you'll be happy with the service he provides."

Preston Rahn, High Performance Sales Consultant - PrestonRahn.com

"James has been a great help in making our goals a reality!"

Anne-Marie Burns, Deputy Manager - Hilton Hotel, Dublin, Ireland