Hi, my name's James Powell and in my life I overcame cancer three times in three and a half years (2011-2015) and did it by using the power of my mind, listening to my body and trusting my intuition.

When I was just fourteen I left home to discover the true extent of human potential and achieve explicit clarity regarding the unanswered questions we all have about life and why we're here.

I engaged in an intense twelve year period of spiritual and intellectual training and development and conditioned myself through tens of thousands of hours of deep meditation and relentless study of the major academic disciplines.

Realizing that in order to be happy you can't live your life in a self-centered or superficial way, I embarked on a journey abroad as an international volunteer in my mid-twenties and wed my wife just six short weeks after we first met.

Since my early thirties I've shared my unique insights live from stage and trained growth-focused clients at small intimate retreats and online. In 2019 I was an invited guest speaker on the world's largest and leading platform for coaches, The International Coaching Federation.

I host The Spirituality Podcast exploring spirituality and self development with high achieving entrepreneurs and have interviewed guests including internationally renowned human behavioral expert Dr. John Demartini, Carla White the first woman to ever create an app, high-end sales consultant Preston Rahn who has helped top names such as Deepak Chopra, Sharon Lechter and Les Brown, as well as other amazing men and women.

Together with an inspirational team of world class entrepreneurs I am committed to helping raise $100M over a ten year time period in support of ten impactful philanthropic projects globally, 100% of which goes directly to the causes. We collaborate via recorded weekly video calls across multiple timezones and employ systems of accountability to achieve our goals.

In my coaching I only work with a small number of clients at a time, people who I resonate with and who resonate with me. You must either be a high achiever or at the very least be able to demonstrate that you're fully committed to becoming a high achiever. I want all my clients to get a significant return on both their monetary and time investment.

Your investment would be from £5,000+ depending on our agreed focus and consequently the length of our coaching relationship. Initial consultation/s are free and may take up to 90 minutes. During this time we discover the degree to which we resonate with each other and discuss the specifics of your request, and I'll describe my requirements to help you.